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A quest for perfection – a passionate search for the ultimate indoor cycle that could meet the demands of the cyclist and their increasingly popular sport. But the quest for perfection that got it all started never ends. Perfection is a fact moving, ever changing concept and we have to move along with it, always striving to be better. By being receptive and ready for change, we pledge to evolve with the sport of indoor cycling and its athletes. 


It is our mission to supply the world market of fitness equipment with high quality and state-of-the-art indoor cycles and related accessories. BODY BIKE focuses on the professional market and we market and sell our products through a worldwide network of dedicated BODY BIKE distributors.

It is our vision to be a world leader in indoor cycles. We strive to make BODY BIKE Indoor Cycles the first choice of all professional users who value design, durability and a superior cycling experience.



The Body-Bike Supreme can match just about any corporate theme or simply add a dash of colour to your indoor cycling studio. Be it in Black,Sky Blue, Orange, Grey, Red, Green, Yellow or Petrol.The most recent full size model in the Body-Bike lineup, the Supreme is the result of years of designing and manufacturing the world's best indoor cycles.With 'The Wave' multifunctional bottle holder as a standard inclusion, Kevlar friction pad and the option for a POLAR Heart Rate Monitor /Cycle Computer, authenticity is but a name away, The Body-Bike Classic Supreme. Get excited!

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bodybike smart plus green


The new BODY BIKE SMART®+ takes indoor cycling to the next level by embracing the tech-savvy ..

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BODY BIKE Classic Supreme green


Body Bike Supreme is a completely closed cycle with protective plastic covers enclosing the crank and central flywheel. 

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ikon bbsmart


The BODY BIKE SMART® is exactly the same as BODY BIKE SMART®+ - just without the technological features. 

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With BODY BIKE Connect indoor cycling is taken to the next level enabling you to optimize your training, motivating you ..

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