TKO Sports Group now offers a wide selection of home and gym exercise equipment to ensure the best workouts. The TKO philosophy has and still remains, as quality is their ultimate goal. They set out to manufacture the highest quality and top performing fitness products that look great and functions better. Countless hours are spent sourcing the finest materials, gearing our factories to the highest level of quality, and laboring over the “little details” that make their products superior in today’s marketplace.


At TKO Sports Group USA Limited, we are committed to building a company that inspires the design of innovative products in the promotion of wellness and healthy living. Whatever It Takes is not just a tag line, it’s our lifestyle.
Dumbell 1


Patented Tri Grip Dumbells with compact design and secure grips. View Range here.

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Plate 1


Rubber and Urethane Olympic Plates made for the best workout. View Range here. 

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plate 2


Strength Racks & Storage solutions to keep your gym clean and organized. View Range here. 

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