Raymond, our 'Roving Reporter' on why he just HAD to attend IHRSA.

“20 Hours flight, no sleep, 11 Hours of jet lag – all things I love – hold me back”!

The main reason for me to attend the IHRSA Show was to see our really, really famous and important brands, meet the brand partners and get a sneak preview on all the new technologies to come your way! Here's what is in the pipeline: 

Precor stood out and launched 5 new pieces of their Discovery Selectorised Line.
Great Movements, uniform weight stack heights and funky frame colours. Fitness really was Foremost and this was in evidence on the “buzzing” Precor booth. 

In the All Important Americans Market, Body Bike reigns supreme. Watch this space coming up at FIBO for Vismo X, which is the talk of the town and has the indoor cycling world held in intrigue.

Worldwide # 1 for Free Weight Accessories: The TKO New Dumbbells are fantastic - No dummies these guys.

California manufacturer with a factory in Anaheim – home of Disney. Nothing Mickey Mouse about their Hi/Lo Tower, Cross Cables and Multi-Gyms though - new products to watch out for.

The Original Rig Guys. I still remember three years ago, when there was only one Rig at the IHRSA show – the PurMotion Black & Orange! This year, I was amazed to see around thirty Rigs at the show. PurMotion are the leaders of their trend – Respect.

Pulling on the rope was traditionally a guy thing but has now has gone mainstream. Single units and the newly launched 'Small Group Training concept' with Dynamic Brake set the IHRSA show on FIRE. 

A big crowd at the First Degree Fitness booth for the launch of the Viking Pro Rower. A true thing of beauty – American Ash never looked so good – Crossfit Boxes need not apply! 

Club Owners fight back! Like Them or Hate Them Virtual Instructor Led Group X Classes are Coming to a Club near you soon. Time to practice your Robot Dance.