RS Fitness will be delivering 50 new Body Bike Connects to their existing clients, Talise Fitness at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Talise Fitness are trading up from their existing Body Bike Supremes to the Top of the Line Body Bike Connect. The Supremes gave Talise 7 years of service and RS Fitness gave them a great trade in offer against the new Connects.

The new Body Bike Connects all have a “metrics console” featuring an embedded VO2 Max test in addition to measuring Power Output in Watts. These metrics allow riders to continuously measure their workout stats which provides motivation to both really enjoy the class and importantly keep coming back for more.   

For example while heart rate indicates how hard your body perceives it is working, power output measured in watts actually tells how much it is performing. With heart rate measurements you will never be able to accurately record fitness performance improvements. With Power measurements in Watts you can easily see your improvements. You can see and measure your Power Output improvements. This is a massive motivational factor to keep exercising regularly.

See Body Bike's 5 reasons to exercise with Watt below: