New Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT®) with Open Stride™ offers adaptive stride length and adjustable stride height for infinite range of motion paths.

The new AMT with Open Stride will quickly become a favorite – not only for facility operators but for exercisers.  It has a low perceived exertion and achieves a higher caloric burn.  Combined with greater personalization, exercisers stay engaged and work out longer, resulting in increased goal achievement.

Paul Byrne, President of Precor, comments, “We are extremely proud of our company’s history of innovation.  When we first introduced the AMT in 2007, we didn’t just introduce a new product, we introduced a whole new category – adaptive motion.  With the new AMT with Open Stride, we’ve done it again, as it offers a workout experience similar to other pieces of cardio, all on one machine.  We feel confident that if you had to run a fitness facility with only one category of cardio equipment, you could do it with the AMT.”
The new AMT with Open Stride enables users to adjust their stride height from 6.8” to 10” (17 to 25 cm).  Additionally, the new AMT has a longer adaptable stride length, increased from 27” to 36” (69 cm to 91 cm) to accommodate users of all sizes and fitness levels.  These two innovative product improvements add up to provide more workout variety than any other piece of cardio equipment, delivering greater personalization of motion on the fly for exercisers.
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The new AMT with Open Stride is available in two models, AMT® 885 and AMT® 835.  The AMT 885 features a P80 console with a touchscreen and a simple and intuitive user interface that provides extensive personalization for the user.  The AMT 835 has a P30 console which features a large LED display that focuses on essential fitness stats.
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