Precor has launched a completely new way to engage with exercise, allowing users to track, personalise and enjoy gym-based fitness like never before.

The technology, Preva, by Precor, is growing on the brand's hugely popular existing platform bringing together gym equipment and the very best of the web.

Preva Tokens make it easier for members to sign in and create Preva personal accounts. Please continue to watch our Preva Quick Sign In video. This short video demonstrates how easy it is to login with Preva Tokens. 

Developed as a complete suite for networked fitness, Precor cross trainers and running machines enhance exercise with popular internet content and a web browser allowing users to access their favourite sites.

Designed to deliver an optimum experience, the forward-thinking fitness brand has stepped up their offering even further with the new Preva Token, the ultimate way to use gym equipment. Lightweight and simple, the token uses contactless technology to simply swipe into any Precor machine giving recognition and login to a personalised account. Seamlessly integrating carefully designed in-motion web content with records, goals and regimes - Preva works with the individual to connect, achieve targets and optimise exercise.

As part of a global brand with a range of networked fitness solutions, Precor equipment is key in attracting and keeping members in gyms and fitness centres. Encourage your users to create accounts with Preva tokens and benefit from greater retention and more focused, successful fitness.