RS Fitness is delighted to announce a new relationship with Marpo Kinetics, bringing effective rope training for a full body workout to Dubai.

When you look at exercise – do you base your workout on your range of motions, or something much more simple, but completely fundamental – like grip?

It may be completely taken for granted, but can you imagine a life without being able to grip things, and the effect this would have on your abilities and day-to-day life?

Bringing it back to basics, and working completely with the naturally physiology of the human body, Marpo Kinetics have brought together an essential range of exercise and fitness tools, built around gripping, and working the body fully with grip.

Developed by Marius Popescu, engineer and competitive judo athlete and coach, in 2006 – the Marpo range was born of an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the value of imposed training modality and its effects for both a wide range of fitness levels and exercise types.

So much more than a rope-climbing alternative, Marpo is used in more than 30 countries worldwide across gyms, rehabilitation centres and fitness facilities to give a more effective calorie burn than traditional cardio trainers and a more powerful strength workout than an entire suite of fixed machines.

It can be difficult to understand the incredible effect that grip can have on our motion, movement and exercise, without looking at how our bodies have developed and evolved to focus grip in everything we do.

In its most simple terms, the way we hands grip starts a chain of actions throughout our upper body using myofascial connections linking different motions from our fingertips to four key quadrants of the body – essential to a thorough and efficient workout.

Quadrant one – The thumb is connected to the pectoralis minor muscle. When the thumb grips, a signal is sent through the myofascial webbing in the arm and chest to link that response directly to the muscle providing stability to the centre of the chest.

Quadrant two – Rotating the hand with an open palm locates flexors throughout the arms, down the sides of the torso and the back helping with day-to-day motion and control of movement.

Quadrant three – The outside of the little finger works the upper back and arms where central movement is controlled by the scapula at the base of the neck.

Quadrant four – Gripping with the fingertips is one of our most common movements and because of this, we don’t recognise our body’s natural huge response. Signalling reaction throughout the spine, shoulders and arms, this motion is fundamental in supporting the upper body.

With a better understanding of the instantaneous, inbuilt response grip causes throughout our bodies, the idea behind Marpo’s rope training equipment is crystal clear in encouraging a workout that works WITH you.

With four Marpo trainers in the range to simulate rope climbing, effectively exercise the full body, strengthen, tone and rehabilitate, now is the perfect time to realise the importance one tiny part of our movement has on the value of our training.

Ryan Gallop, Director of Coaching at EZIA Human Performance says: “The Marpo Rope Trainer is an amazing tool to improve upper body and core aerobic and anaerobic endurance. We have also found it very beneficial in working with athletes with lower body injuries that still need to improve their conditioning.”

Now available through RS Fitness, contact us or CLICK HERE to read on how Marpo rope training works the full body and the amazing benefits a focus on grip can bring.