Annual Maintenance Contract

We are proud to offer renewable Service Agreement packages designed to provide ongoing parts and/or labor coverage for your equipment, once its original warranty has expired.

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We offer different AMC plans to our customers which covers every aspect of equipment maintenance.


CV Machines Maintenance Statement of Works

  • Perform operation & functional test to verify all features are performing properly.
  • Verify unit sits level on floor if necessary adjust the leveling feet.
  • Turn off power switch/circuit breaker and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Inspect the power cord, make sure it is not damaged or underneath the treadmill. Verify the cord clamp is securely installed.
  • Vacuum under the equipment & clean the floor underneath.
  • Verify the stop clip & safety lanyard are in place and functional.
  • Clean the treadmill’s frame using a cloth dampened with an approved cleaning solution. Use a soft nylon scrub brush or a towel to clean the running belt.
  • Use a dry towel to clean the running belt and deck.
  • Clean the electronic console surface with a damp lint free cloth and dry completely.
  • Clean touch screen console with a diluted solution of one part 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to one part water on a damp lint free cloth and dry completely.
  • Visually inspect the running deck and belt, make sure that the bed or belt is in good condition. Replace if necessary.
  • Inspect visible welds, frame, wiring and connectors.
  • Clean drive belt and pulley with a small wire brush.
  • Check the tension, tracking and alignment of the running belt. Re-tension or adjust if necessary.
  • Check the tension of the drive belt, adjust if necessary.
  • Verify the wheels run smoothly on the elliptical ramp.
  • Verify elliptical torque setting on crank arm and pillow blocks.
  • Visually inspect the step-up and drive belts for cracks, fraying, or excessive wear.
  • Verify the pedals move smoothly in the vertical and horizontal axis.
  • Verify stationary bike seat moves smoothly through the entire adjustment range and the position latch works correctly.
  • Remove hood & covers and vacuum the compartment and motor controller fan.
  • Perform the software diagnostics, check LED function and record the odometer reading.
  • Conduct Functionality test both the wireless and hand held heart rate.
  • Check the drive motor brushes, if applicable.
  • Inspect & lubricate lift motor screw, if necessary.
  • Check speed sensor function.
  • Test machine console programming & set-up, TV functions & Internet connectivity.

Strength Machines Maintenance Statement of Works

  • Operation & function verification.
  • Verify unit sits level on floor.
  • Vacuum underneath equipment.
  • Clean all surfaces.
  • Lube guide rods, bushings, rod ends, linear bearings, shafts and pop pins.
  • Inspect visible welds, frame, and cable connections.
  • Inspect cables and cable ends replacing upon any sign of wear.
  • Check for kinks, frayed wires or deterioration of the cable coating.
  • Look for signs of wear particularly at crimped ends of the cable and near pulleys.
  • Verify proper tension on all cables.
  • Inspect upholstery and pads for excessive wear and re-upholster if necessary.
  • Wipe down clean the frame unit.
  • Verify the weight stack pin tether is attached and not missing.
  • Inspect all weight pins to ensure they are secure and aligned with the weight stack.
  • Verify the instruction placard is attached and intact.
  • Check the machine motion to ensure smooth through full range of travel.
  • Verify the adjustments of seats are fully functional and lube.

Indoor Cycle Maintenance Statement of Works

  • Inspect, adjust, tune and lubricate all bikes.
  • Check entire bikes for rust, loose or worn parts.
  • Tighten crank arm fixing bolts & bottom bracket.
  • Remove excess gunk from brake assembly.
  • Inspect the brake pad for wear & tear.
  • Check saddle levelness & clamp bolt.
  • Check resistance unit if secured, centered and correctly adjusted.
  • Check the Poly V Belt or chain properly tensioned.
  • Check pedals, toe straps and adjustment handles for wear & tear.
  • Test bike sensor and auto-generator functions.
  • Check on bike monitor/console connectivity.