Body Bike, the leading name in innovative, high quality indoor bikes, has unveiled new technology designed to enhance the indoor cycling and overall fitness experience with trackable, measurable results.

VismoX, by Body Bike, gives a total visual, motivating experience during in-class fitness with full installation and allows you to monitor results on an individual basis with the app, available on Appstore and Google Play.

VismoX allows users to track and record all fitness activities, view and review data to chart progress and sync it into personal training diaries to give a complete overview of all workouts.

In Body Bike indoor cycling classes, Vismox propels exercise to a new level linking personal performance including power and heart rate data to the big screen as well as allowing the option to pre-book classes through the VismoX website or app to guarantee places and preferred bikes.

As well as driving self-motivation, the VismoX Route Maker also encourages competition with friends by charting performances based on power in the advanced competition module. VismoX encourages retention amongst indoor cycling class members as well as providing the perfect training pal across other sports and activities.

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