FIT Studio in Abu Dhabi have become the largest operator of Body Bike Connect in the UAE with an order for 70 of the indoor cycles from RS Fitness.

The FIT Studio brand by HealthPoint was set up to offer affordable group fitness exercise classes and personal training to residential and commercial communities in the city.

The order of 70 Body Bike Connects will further strengthen FIT Studios  position as a real alternative to competitor studios and gyms offering expensive memberships, joining and group ex class fees.

The Body Bike Connect accurately measures performance allowing users to track their progress by measuring data metrics in real time. Calories burnt, elapsed time, cadence, heart rate and power output are all measured without compromising the ultimate indoor cycling experience Body Bike are famous for.

The data metrics are transferred wirelessly from a unique console mounted in front of the cyclist to an ANT+ receiver built into the bike frame. The data can then be shared wirelessly to the users personal devices. The future is here now.