Circuit training is back and better in the guise of Functional Training. The new trend to hit the fitness industry with more than 50 companies showcasing Functional Fitness Accessories at FIBO, Cologne this year.

We asked Personal Trainer and athlete, Danil Bornventure his thoughts on why Functional Fitness is the current fitness craze and here’s his professional take below:

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness is a type of training which prepares the body for various types of activity performed in our day-to-day life. Functional training programs uses equipment such as Purmotion training system, marpo kinetics rope trainer, functional cable systems, BOSU®, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX ,sand bags, resistance tube, bodyweight as well e.t.c


What are the benefits of functional fitness training?

1. Functional training provides great fat burning workouts, by using full body exercises that improve strength, endurance and boost metabolism

2. Helps improve bad posture and muscle imbalances caused by the daily hard work and stressful lifestyles.

3. Functional training is essential for sport specific conditioning. It enhances the relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal system to provide quick, reactive, and powerful movement patterns that are used in an individual sport.

4. Strong, health and vibrant body. Functional fitness keeps your entire body constantly challenged because every session includes mobility, flexibility, core stability, strength and balance training principles.

5. Functional exercises is a multi-joint, multimuscle exercises type which makes everyday activities easier, reduce your risk of injury and improve life quality

6. Constantly functional training movement patterns and lifting own bodyweight develops strong lean and ripped bodies


What is the difference between functional fitness vs alternative forms of fitness?

Our bodies are designed to move. Functional training focuses on training movement patterns rather than isolating individual muscles. Alternative training methods may work muscle in isolation which would certainly strengthen those particular muscles but doesn’t train them to work together.


Why is functional fitness such a current fitness trend?

Functional training has increasingly become popular fitness trend not only because it makes our daily activities  easier, smoother and  more efficient but is also  safe and widely used by people of all fitness level/ages as a preventive measure against joint and back injuries