A challenging tower race up a staggering 730 stairs took place on Saturday Sept 20 at Hilton Dubai, The Walk that managed to raise over Dhs50,000 for the Dubai Autism Centre.

This is the third year that 120 participants ran up 36 floors in the iconic hotel in groups of five.

The runners didn’t only serve a cause, but also enjoyed the spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf at the finish line from the 35th floor.

Andreas Searty, cluster general manager of Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort and Hilton Dubai The Walk, said:

“We are pleased to run this initiative for the third year; we managed in a thrilling way to bring people who care about autism to do something supportive, charitable and athletic, we are looking forward towards encouraging a better understanding of autism and educate the society about this cause.”

The event fundraised a large amount of money for the autism cause and raised social awareness for those who care.

The donations were collected thanks to the runners’ registration fees and the caring sponsorship from Precor, AIG, QBG Services, Diversy, Aquila, Race ME and Sport360.

Here are the top 10 finishers:

1. Hallvard Borsheim 02:48.3
2. Gustavo Ayres Netto 03:14.8
3. Daniel Caunter 03:36.0
4. Allan Nielsen 03:39.8
5. Kamil Widlas 03:45.9
6. Martha Rise 03:52.4
7. Rashen John 04:12.5
8. Ian Russ 04:30.2
9. Jason Hooper 04:40.2
10.Suranga Jayasinghe 04:44.0